The Best Shaving Brushes for the Perfect Shave

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The best shaving brush can make the perfect shave even better, but choosing one isn’t as easy as you might think. Different brushes have different features, and those features do have an impact on your shave, so it pays to understand what makes each brush the best shaving brush! In this guide to the best shaving brushes, you’ll find a buying guide with all the tips and tricks you need to make your choice, along with reviews of seven of the most popular brushes on the market today.

What is a shaving brush?

If you’re using a shaving cream from a can, prepare to have your mind blown. A shave brush isn’t just for looks—it’s design to create foamy lather that lifts hair up off your face and makes it easier to shave. It also prevents ingrown hairs and nicks by making sure you don’t use too much pressure. The bristles are usually made from badger hair or boar hair, both of which lift up and soften whiskers. Many men with sensitive skin will tell you that they get an overall better shave with a brush than they would otherwise.

How does it work?

A shaving brush is a tool for applying shaving cream or soap to your face prior to a shave. The brush lifts facial hair away from your skin, opens up pores and softens your whiskers so they can be cut more easily. You’ll want to find one that works well with whichever type of shaving cream you choose; some are best suite for creams, while others work better with soap. Brush fibers range in stiffness, but as long as they’re not super-soft—which means they won’t hold enough lather—any type of bristle should do just fine.

Which brushes are best for you?

Do I need a shaving brush? You absolutely do not need to shave with a brush. There is nothing wrong with just lathering up your face and going at it with a razor. However, shaving brushes will elevate your shaving experience. A quality brush will give you significantly better results, are often more durable than cartridge razors and can last much longer than your typical blade (some owners report keeping their brushes for up to 20 years!). But, above all else, there’s just something fun about lathering up in front of the mirror on your bathroom sink like old timey barbershops. It’s simple—if you can afford one of these puppies and love using them, go ahead!

Buying Guide (What to look out for when buying a shaving brush).

So let’s get to what you should look out for when buying a shaving brush, first off there are two main materials that brushes are make from, either boar hair or badger hair. Badger hair has been use in traditional shaving brushes since before 1900, and some say it is better than boar hair as it can produce a more luxurious lather. However today many manufacturers have produced an alternative called Super Badger Hair (or Silvertip Badger) which is from a higher grade of badger and produces just as good a lather if not better than boar bristles. It is also softer on your skin so sensitive shavers can use badger with no problems.

Our recommendations

Should I use a shaving brush? YES. A shaving brush is an essential part of traditional wet shaving, helping to add both lather and exfoliation to your shave. There are two major types of brushes: boar hair and badger hair, with badger considered superior in quality. If you’re new to wet shaving, you may want to start with a boar hair brush as it tends to be less expensive; it will also last longer than a similarly-priced badger bristle brush. Avoid brushes made from horsehair or synthetic materials as they typically don’t work well. Whatever your choice, make sure your bristles aren’t too stiff as that will irritate your skin; however, soft bristles don’t do well at creating a thick lather either.


Why use a shaving brush? A shaving brush softens your beard and exfoliates your skin, preparing it for a clean shave. It also lathers soap and softens it, allowing you to easily spread it across your face without using any additional water. In addition, a shaving brush exfoliates dead skin cells as you apply soap to your face, making facial hair easier to cut. The best brushes are made of badger hair; they’re softer and easier to work with than boar bristles but don’t shed like some brushes do. To use one properly, wet it under hot water and rub some warm (not hot) shaving cream or soap into it until a lather forms.


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