Why Is Tooth Extraction For Kids Becomes Necessary?

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Extracting a tooth is not fun and will lead to pain, but it becomes necessary to remove that tooth, or it can cause problems with your child’s oral health. Kids dentist north miami will help you to prepare your child for the extraction.

Your child may have a few circumstances when they need to remove their teeth. While most children lose their teeth naturally, and some get overcrowded teeth problems. Most pediatric dentists only recommend tooth extraction when it is the last option over all other therapeutic alternatives.

How Do You Know If Your Child’s Tooth Needs To Be Extracted?

There are some cases when your child needs an extraction. The most common causes of tooth extraction include:

  • When tooth decay has reached an extensive stage where there are no chances for restoration, sometimes there is no restorative cure option for a tooth.
  • Sometimes when baby teeth do not fall out before permanent teeth come in.
  • Extraction is needed because of chipped or damaged beyond repair by dental disease or trauma.

Best kids dentistry will only recommend extraction with a less invasive treatment option. Ensure you understand why extraction is recommended and what the procedure involves for your kid.

Types Of Tooth Extraction

There are two types of extraction:

Surgical Extraction

The extraction surgery is usually performed by oral surgeons generally. But, trained dentists can also perform the surgery. This extraction includes cutting through the gums to extract a painfully affected tooth. Especially broken teeth that are impacted behind the gums require surgical extraction. It may take some time to heal from the surgery.


Simple Extraction

These teeth are extracted from above the gum line. The gums do not need to be cut during the treatment. It is a simple extraction, and recovery takes less time than surgery. The dentist can also use simple extraction techniques to remove teeth that are crowded and have dead roots. This tooth extraction technique is used for children’s wisdom teeth removal.

What To Do After An Extraction

After the extraction, the tooth of your child will be numbed. The dentist will advise instructions to eat and drink food for at least 24 hours. You can ask your dentist for the medications to alleviate the pain or if your child is experiencing discomfort.

The dentist will ask your child to avoid sipping or sucking on straws or spitting for 24 hours, maintain a soft diet, and avoid hot, spicy, or acidic foods until the affected area heals completely.

You can apply an ice bag to prevent swelling immediately after the procedure. Avoid eating hard solid foods immediately after extraction, only soft foods.

In Conclusion:

Talk to the Aventura pediatrics about different options whenever possible. Having a tooth out too quickly might impact a child’s speech, chewing, and developmental problems. Moreover, if your dentist must extract baby teeth due to damage or decay, ask them to insert a space maintainer so permanent teeth can emerge properly. Otherwise, as your child gets bigger and their permanent teeth are ready to erupt, the baby teeth they currently have could move awkwardly and cause issues.

Visit your dentist and book an appointment now if your child has tooth problems.


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