8 Easter Photoshoot Ideas For Newborns

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If you’re looking to schedule an Easter photo shoot with your baby, these adorable Easter-themed photoshoot ideas will help you plan the perfect session! From beautiful spring bouquets to bunny ears and eggs, there are plenty of ways to make your photos fit in perfectly with the Easter holiday. Plus, as long as you have a photographer willing to work around the kids, you can use these ideas no matter what time of year you’re planning your session! Here are eight Easter photoshoot ideas for newborns that will capture all the joy and wonder of your new baby at this special time of year.

Simple-plain backgrounds

1) Simple/plain backgrounds

Plain backgrounds give your subjects a chance to shine, which is especially important when photographing a newborn. Using colorful and intricate backdrops can distract viewers from your baby’s face and cause them to focus more on what’s behind her rather than what’s in front of her. Simple backgrounds allow you to make sure all eyes are on your baby! Use solid colors like white or gray for seamless backdrops that make it easier to keep track of your baby during photo shoots (just don’t use patterns with high contrast or brightly colored areas). If you’re really stumped for good ideas, see if any local print shops offer their plain paper rolls for free—they often do! And don’t forget about options like paint swatches from hardware stores, too.

Environmental Interiors

2) Environmental Interiors (When possible)

Natural lighting is not only more appealing, but it makes your pictures look brighter and more lively. Spring weather means you can get some outside shots without needing to use a flash, so take advantage of that! Make sure that you capture your baby’s reaction to their first taste of grass, how cute they look in their little spring hats and whatever other fun spring-themed props you have at home. If you need some ideas for what to take photos of, take a peek at our photo gallery for inspiration or check out Pinterest for newborn photographers from around the world. They might have some excellent ideas that aren’t showcased on our site yet! You could also ask a photographer friend or family member if they know of any great locations nearby with lots of color around them.


3) Accessories – hats, bunny ears, collars etc.

What better way to accessorize than with a cute and unique outfit? If you’re creating an Easter photoshoot for your baby, consider outfits with accessories that are fun, yet subtle. Instead of bow ties and bunny ears, try things like plaid scarves or striped socks. That’s not to say you can’t go all out; there are lots of traditional hats, shirts and headbands to choose from. And don’t forget about bunnies – they’re associated with Easter after all! Consider getting a stuffed animal that matches your baby’s outfit, or create an animal-themed photoshoot using a blanket (think lions and tigers) or even some toys (bears, perhaps?). The possibilities are endless!

Newborn props

4) Newborn props – baskets, flowers, ribbons etc.

Have a basket with some spring-themed props on hand. Place your little one in it and take some pictures. If you’re lucky, he or she will take a nap! Similarly, if you have any white or light colored flowers, put them around your baby. You can even wrap them around him/her or put one in his/her hands. Also consider placing colorful ribbons nearby to tie into your easter photoshoot; there are so many things you can do! Be sure to get different shots using these props for more variety – for example, try having him/her sleeping in each of them and then include those shots in your slideshow.

Gender Neutral Colors

5) Gender Neutral Colors

If you plan to have pictures of your baby from infancy through adolescence, it might be a good idea to pick gender-neutral clothing for newborn photos. While babies come in all different colors and ethnicities, pink and blue are still pretty much synonymous with girls and boys, respectively. Instead of opting for stereotypical color schemes that make assumptions about your baby’s sex, choose tones of pink or blue (or purple!) that don’t scream girl or boy. This way, you’ll avoid having to reshoot when your baby grows up! Just wait until your little one is born and take a sneak peek at what they look like.


6) Silhouettes

Take a photo of your baby in a high contrast setting, such as between two different-colored chairs or a bright window and shadow. This effect creates interest without having to use special props. Not only is it a great way to take advantage of colorful backgrounds, but you can make sure that both your front and back are in focus by snapping pictures from above. Watch out: light shadows on babies can sometimes make their eyes look closed when they’re actually open!

Sleeping Newborn Photoshoot

7) Sleeping Newborn Photoshoot

If you’re looking for a sweet and easy way to document your new arrival, then look no further than taking a photo of him or her sleeping. Babies are cute in any position but their natural sleep poses just might be their cutest of all. Just make sure that when you get started, you have enough time—snapping photos of sleeping newborns is more difficult than it sounds! One tip: If your baby won’t stay still for long, keep him or her warm by wrapping them up in blankets. And to capture those perfect angles, move yourself around until you find just what feels right; babies sometimes like to snuggle face-down, with arms and legs curled into their chest. The possibilities are endless!

Clouds Newborn Photo Shoot

8) Clouds Newborn Photo Shoot

This adorable Cloud-themed photo shoot was planned and styled by Katie of Red Barn Bliss. Styled shoots are a great way to get inspiration for your own shoot, as well as ideas for props, attire, locations and more. Bonus: you may be able to borrow or purchase some items from another photographer’s session! Speaking of clouds… there are so many ways you can incorporate them into your photo session!


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