What Is The Purpose Of The Braces Rubber Bands?

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When wearing braces, have you wondered what is the use of rubber bands and looking for a perfect answer to it?

Well, then, you are on the right page.

Braces are the type of instrument that is used to secure or align the teeth perfectly. As we all know, a smile makes us look more pretty and is the natural gift that helps the personality to enhance a little more. In this article, we will discuss the use of braces rubber bands and how it helps to hold the braces in one place. To acknowledge more about it, continue reading the article.

Why are rubber bands used?

Rubber bands improve the force applied to a specific area of your mouth. Rubber bands connect to the brackets on your braces and can be positioned in many dissimilar conformations. They’re secured and attached using small metal hooks on the bracket. The purpose of rubber bands in braces is to boost the force applied to certain areas of your mouth.  The rubber bands, also called elastic, attach to your braces’ brackets and can be positioned in multiple different conformations. They align your bite and help different types of a misaligned jaw.

What to note before going for the rubber band options?

The hallandale beach orthodontist ensures that the rubber bands have to be perfect in the following ways:

● Pressure

The amount of force that rubber bands can apply determines what class they fall into. In general, three types of forces are applied that is light, medium and heavy ounces or grammes are used to measure force. Manufacturers may differ in the precise amount of force applied in each force category.

● Size

Rubber bands are also available in a variety of sizes. Its diameter is measured to determine its size, usually in fractions of an inch. The rubber band size will depend on how much stretching is required for it to function properly.

● Material

Latex and synthetic materials are both options for rubber band construction. Due to their affordability and great flexibility, latex bands are frequently used. People with a latex allergy, however, can use synthetic bands. According to some research, latex bands may exert a more stable force over time than synthetic bands.

What does the function of the brace?

Depending on your movement, the orthodontic elastic band stretches the jaw forward or back to get into the appropriate alignment.  This also ensures that your upper and lower teeth are aligned and comfortable when you bite. Rubber bands quicken up the moving and straightening procedure and are essential to orthodontic treatment.

 Summing it up:

We hope you liked the article and now properly understand using rubber bands in braces near me. Multiple colour braces are available to suit your rubber band and make your teeth look brighter and whiter. The colours can be identified from the braces colors wheel, which will make your selection more.

  You can also visit a local orthodontist near me to get your braces done with your choice and comfortable colour.


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