What are the Initial Symptoms of Varicose Venis?

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Early Observation of the major de4iase like varicose veins can help form a huge difference. This can lead to severe disorders if not treated; treating the challenge on time can give successful and positive results. This explains that allocating close and precise attention to the body, how it feels and looks, and taking action immediately if anything seems abnormal or slightly different from the norm.

Tracking the varicose vein symptoms at the initial stages can prevent them from becoming a significant challenge and, in turn, control your varicose veins from worsening or developing into a more terrible health concern, likewise deep vein thrombosis or different venous conditions and diseases.

What Doctor treats Varicose Veins?

You might be thinking that what kind of specialist treats varicose veins?

Here is the answer: The Doctor specializing in treating and diagnosing vein disorder is called Phlebologist. This Doctor majorly works on treating venous disease and all those medical problems related to varicose veins.

General Symptoms of varicose veins are :


These veins look like Cords or ropes twisted or tangled, jutting out of the skin. It depends on the body to body and too on person to person. This can be painful for some, but for others, it can feel like an awkward appearance on their leg.

Swelling :

The swelling occurring to people by the end of the day can again lead to vein disorder. If people observe swelling in feet or legs, it is advisable to rush for a checkup. The swelling usually indicates improper blood circulation and leads to many other diseases. Swelling is an unmistakable sign of the varicose vein that could become a problem. This can be prevented by wearing stockings or socks to compress and treat this entirely.

Visibility :

The varicose veins can be the telltale from areas like the arms’ inner side, the hands’ backside, and the leg’s upper portion. This can happen due to other reasons, like having lower body fat; this can also be genetic, and performing strength training can lead to the cause of vein problems.

This is visible and can be paired with uncomfortable harmful effects like body aches, tenderness, excessive itching or bleeding, and swelling, to look raised and different than usual, which could indicate the development of varicose veins.


The prominent feature of varicose veins is that they will look darker than the usual vein color. The color symbolized vein disorder is purple or blue color. There are also chances when the skin appears unnatural, as this becomes very shiny and glowy and starts to get peeled off for no reason. To some, this discoloration can be in the form of dark red spots on the lower legs, indicating the burst of blood vessels in the portion.

Pains and aches:

Varicose veins can create feelings of achiness or heaviness in the legs, even as an apparently common physical activity like walking or climbing stairs. Legs may cramp more easily or burn, throb, or itch, and this pain worsens after prolonged sitting or standing.

What are the prominent reasons for the occurrence of Varicose Veins?

  • This occurs when valves of the vein become weak or start damaging.
  • The blood flow is improper and flows through the veins toward the heart.
  • When the blood gets collected at the bottom of the veins, that causes discomfort in the affected area.


Once you observe any symptoms, as discussed above, the ultimate thing to do is notify your healthcare provider immediately. Following the step of fixing up the appointment or a consultation session with the Phlebologist

or the vein expert that can perform and diagnose the vein disorder in any condition and assist with the required treatment. The initial symptoms can be easily and quickly caught and brought to a vein doctor’s attention, the more likely they can be treated very simply. These are the few simple steps that can be answerable to the question. How can I get rid of varicose veins without surgery?


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