How to Look Good in a Navy Blue Blazer

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The navy blue blazer is an essential piece of clothing that will never go out of style. A navy blue blazer will look good on almost anyone and can be worn in nearly any situation, from a job interview to an upscale wedding reception. Even celebrities like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt have been spotted wearing navy blue blazers! However, even though the navy blue blazer looks good on pretty much everyone, not everyone looks good in it because it’s all about how you wear it, not what you wear underneath it.

Step 1: The Fit

Before you start looking for a navy blue mens blazer, it’s best to consider your body type. Blue is an eye-catching color and so it can be difficult to wear if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re not sure what would look good on your body type, then go out shopping with someone who knows fashion and has experience in choosing clothes that work well together. Once you decide on what looks good, go home and try copying it as closely as possible. There are some things that just look better than others, so if they say that tight looks good on you – then stick with tight! If they tell you looser is better – then do just that!

Step 2: Color and Style Matching

One of the first things you should do when trying on a blue blazer mens is try it on over clothes that are already in your closet. Why? Because it will help you determine what color and style of shirt or sweater you want to wear with it. For example, if you’re not fond of wearing orange shirts, there’s no point in buying an orange tie because it won’t go well with your new blazer. In addition, navy blues aren’t made equal; some are more luminous than others, meaning they reflect light differently and will look different depending on which color shirt or sweater they are worn over.

Step 3: The Accessories

With so many men’s blazers out there, it can be difficult to stand out from all of the others. The way you dress an outfit can make or break your fashion sense. To look your best, wear trendy accessories that will compliment your outfit and complement its color scheme. You should also remember that you don’t want too much going on, so sticking with two or three accessories at most is usually ideal.

Step 4: Know When To Wear It

The navy blue blazer for men is a great suit for wearing to work because it gives you an air of authority. It can be worn with just about any color, so it’s one less decision you have to make when getting dressed. Although its versatility makes it easy to wear, try pairing your blazer with lighter or brighter colors like white or pastels. A navy blue jacket is a tried-and-true staple for business attire and will look great no matter what color shirt you pair it with. Just remember that most professional offices have strict policies about tie and jacket styles, so make sure your blazers fit those guidelines if you want to make a good impression at work.

Step 5: Why it’s Still Not Enough?

No matter how you wear it, you should keep your navy blue blazer like new. This will help you look good and feel confident whenever you wear it. You can put on any of these outfits for both casual and formal settings. If you own a navy blue blazer, then having different options to choose from is a great thing!


When you think of blue blazers, you typically picture professionals like doctors and lawyers. While it’s true that men can wear these blazers to work (in fact, they’re an essential part of many suits), they’re certainly not limited to business attire. Blue blazers are versatile – not only can you wear them with slacks or khakis, but you can also dress them down with jeans or khakis and make them more casual. You should definitely have at least one blue blazer in your closet – here are some tips on how to look good when wearing it.


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