12 Fun Things to Do on an NYC Party Bus

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New York City is one of the most stylish, happening, and glamorous places on the entire globe. It is a well-known place for parties and events every year on all scales. Newyork has been the center of attraction for the people who wish to celebrate in the groups. It has great venues on its list that hosts big hits parties and events. Moreover, whether you are planning to have fun in either big or a very small get-together, NYC has everything to offer you loads of entertainment with style.

Why Rent A Party Bus?

Renting an NYC party bus offers you a transportation facility without worrying about driving and safety issues. You can find party bus rental for any occasion such as:

  • Weddings
  • Event transportation
  • Corporate charters
  • Pub crawls
  • Birthdays
  • Bachelorette parties and many more.

An NYC party bus rental is mainly used for personalized events and trips. It offers easy pickups and drops off facilities according to your planned destinations. Most party buses offer the best chauffeur services. The drivers are reliable and chauffeur you to your party destination with safety.

More benefits:

Enough space for the dance party:  Our party bus has the capacity to carry thirty-four passengers. The front half perimeter has seating arrangements and open space for dance parties.

Onboard entertainment: Our party bus follows BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), so you can bring whatever you like to share with your friends or guests like wine, beers. Moreover, you will be offered superior sound systems on board, you have to just play your favorite music with smartphones.


Logistical simplicity: It is extremely easier to put an entire party onto a bus and have everyone stay together at several stops along the way. When party bus rentals are hired, everyone reaches at the same time.

What are the Most Popular Places to go on a Party Bus in NYC?

Empire State Building:

Image Credit: in.hotels.com

A tour to NYC would be incomplete without visiting the Empire State Building. It is the tallest building in the United States. It is situated on Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th streets in Manhattan. It is well worth a visit as it is one of the best landmarks of New York City. It has graced the NYC skyline since 1931. It has beautiful interiors. Also, you can view an interesting exhibit about the construction process and history of the building. 

Castle Hotel in New York:

Image Credit: timeout.com

This destination is just 45 minutes from NYC. It is a perfect place for couples. It is a romantic place where you can find spa services along with other amenities like;

  • Outdoor pool complex with a hot tub,
  • Plush bathrobes,
  • Free Wi-Fi is also included in each spacious room.
  • Suites flaunt a separate living room and shows of the Hudson River.

Shinn Estate Vineyards and Farmhouse:

This party bus destination is historical and just two hours from NYC. It is a beautiful wine country in Mattituck, surrounded by rising and falling farmlands. Tourists can enjoy a private and peaceful escape from the bustling city. It also offers elegant, luxurious, and spacious guest rooms featuring deluxe en-suite bathrooms with modern amenities and pine floors to give it an antique touch.

Other hot destinations are a must to visit in NYC may Include;

  • Homestead Inn in Greenwich
  • The Inn at Shelburne Farms
  • The Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa
  • Blackstone Steakhouse
  • Dutch Kills Bar
  • The Bowery Ballroom, etc.

12 Fun Things to Do on an NYC Party Bus:

There are an immense amount of party bus activities that can make sure that your entire time is enjoyable. You can do everything according to your choice like from food to bring on a party bus to the best drinks, games, themes to make your trip’s each and every moment exciting and enjoyable.

image credit: nytrolleyco.com
  1. A unique party theme:

Since there are countless bus theme ideas, you may find it difficult to decide which one will be most entertaining. The easiest way to decide is basing it on the destination you have chosen. The themes such as:

  • Murder mysteries: It will be an interesting theme. But may need some extra time and effort to set things like that up. Don’t forget to come up with a dress code as that’s half the fun.
  • Mardi Gras: it is relatively easy to decorate for. Things you need are some beads, streamers, and a few face masks to pull this one-off.
  • Be a Hollywood star: Set the party bus up to look like a red carpet and arrange delicious snacks scattered around for all guests to enjoy. Make sure that party ladies wear evening gowns and men in black ties to enjoy the complete feel.
  1. Personalize the interiors of the party bus:

Decor your party bus in accordance with the selected themes. Match the party bus decorations with the attire to offer a lavish feel to the event.

  1. Board, card, and trivia Games:

There are enormous onboard games that you can suggest guests play on the party bus while you travel to your destination. You can also try the digital version of games and bring gadgets to play on.


Games like:

  • Apples to Apples
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Old Maid
  • Go Fish
  • Uno
  • The Game of Life

Are good options to make your party journey enjoyable.

  1. Dance revolution:

Prepare exciting songs playlists so that you can show some awesome dance moves to your party friends. Dancing in a group is not a bad idea at all. Just bring the smart device as the party bus is already equipped with outstanding sound systems.

  1. Big Tales from a Greyhound:

If your party friends love to read books, find a fiction book, make passengers read paragraphs one by one from one chapter only. Then ask them to make a guess what book the excerpt is from.

  1. Karaoke:

A karaoke contest can be organized in groups. It will be a fun experience among party friends. Divide your party friends into groups and allow them to rehearse for fifteen minutes and then begin the contest. Let someone sit out and judge the contest and choose the winning team.

  1. Coloring:

Take a few of the adult coloring books from the store along with some colored pencils to memorize pastime fun.  This pastime fun never goes out of fashion.

  1. What’s in the bag:

Women’s purses are always stocked with random things. The host can make a list of things before the party journey starts. When the bus is in motion, divide guests into teams. Call items’ names and the first team to find the item will earn a point. You can play this game on the entire journey to make it more interesting.

  1. An old telephone game:

Play this to listen to the fun ending of the totally logical sentences,

  1. Charades:

Act and guess the names of the movies.

  1. Play Zenga!

It will be extremely tough to play Zenga in the moving object but that’s where the fun lies.

  1. Head’s Up!

Play card games like do or drink to double the fun.

As you can see, there are loads of enjoyable things to do on a party bus. You just need to use a little creativity, participate fully, and not be afraid to have a little fun! We specialize in luxury NYC party buses based in New york. New York Trolley offers a great collection of party vehicles for weddings, New Year’s Eve parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties, corporate meetings, and various other events. Give us a call to have a party on wheels.


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