What Does Dental Bonding Mean?

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Dental bonding is an orthodontic procedure in which dentists use a unique tooth-colored resin material and harden it with a special light. It ultimately bonds the resin material to the tooth to enhance or restore a person’s smile. Orthodontist Hollywood perform dental bonding to

  • To repair a cracked or chipped tooth.
  • To repair decayed teeth.
  • Improving the appearance of discolored teeth.
  • To make teeth appear longer.
  • To close the excess shapes between the teeth.
  • It serves as a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings.
  • To protect a part of the tooth’s root after exposing the gum recedes.

Can you describe the dental bonding procedure?


Dental bonding Miami requires nothing in the way of preliminary preparation. Unless the bonding is used to fill a rotten tooth, they must drill the tooth to change its shape, or the chip is close to the nerve. They do not always require the use of anesthesia. Your orthodontic specialists of Florida will also choose a composite resin color that resembles the tint of your teeth using a shade guide.

The bonding process

The orthodontist Hallandale fl will begin by roughening your teeth’ surface and applying a liquid smoother. These steps help in the bonding substance’s adherence to the tooth. To get the correct shape, tooth-colored putty-like resin is applied, molded, and smoothed. An effective, powerful (often blue) light or laser hardens the bonding material. Your dental expert will further trim and shape the bonding material after it sets and then polish it to match the gloss and shine of the rest of the tooth surface.

Completion time

It may take around 30 – 60 minutes per tooth to complete. Some dental specialists believe dental bonding is best suited for mild cosmetic modifications. It also works for temporary treatment of cosmetic issues and fixing teeth in regions of shallow biting force because of some of the restrictions or limitations of the procedure. Discuss with your Hallandale beach orthodontis which cosmetic procedure is ideal for you.

What would be the lifespan of bonded teeth?

The longevity of dental bonding materials is influenced by how much bonding was done and your oral hygiene habits. Bonded teeth aren’t as strong and durable as natural teeth, and certain habits can reduce their durability. For instance, the bonding substance may come off the teeth if you bite down with pressure.

Additionally, your bonding substance will stain more quickly and require replacement sooner if you smoke or consume large amounts of dark liquids like coffee or red wine. Dentists typically need to change or touch the bonding material after three to ten years.

What are the drawbacks of teeth bonding?

  • Dental bonding is not as stain-resistant as other dental attachments like a crown.
  • Bonding materials are not as durable or robust as crowns, veneers, or fillings.
  • It’s best to avoid biting your fingernails and chewing on objects like pens, ice, and demanding food, as bonding materials tend to chip and break off the tooth.
  • Due to its drawbacks, some dentists only suggest dental bonding for aesthetic alterations like the correction of tooth shape or to cover up tooth discoloration.


We hope the above-given information will help you learn some beneficial facts regarding dental bonding. For further informative details regarding dental bonding, please visit ivanovortho.com.


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