What Do You Know About The Treatment Process For Receding Gums?

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Gum recession treatment depends on underline causes which may not require surgery. Some of the effective receding gums treatment options are

Scaling And Root Planing

A dentist may propose scaling and root planning as the first treatments for receding gums. The dentist removes the harmful Plaque and tartar from below the gum line, where regular brushing cannot reach. A dental specialist removes Plaque and tartar from the roots of teeth during root planing. After that, a dentist will smooth the roots with particular devices, allowing the gums to reconnect to the tooth.

Gum Graft Treatment

If a person’s gums have receded significantly, a dentist may recommend gum graft surgery (GGS). A surgeon will utilize a tiny amount of gum tissue elsewhere in the mouth to conceal the exposed tooth roots during GGS.

Gum recession surgery aids in the prevention of bone loss and gum recession. It can also prevent deterioration of previously exposed tooth roots.

Proper Dental Care

When traumatic methods of brushings are the cause of gum recession, then rejuvenating proper dental or oral care is the first step of gum disease treatment.

Trying a different toothpaste.

Avoiding abrasive toothpaste that contains harsh chemicals can prevent further gum recession. You can also consider using a paste for sensitive teeth.

Changing toothbrushes frequently

An effective treatment is a soft, ultrasoft, or an electric toothbrush with a force detector.

Maintaining regular dental cleaning.

Visiting an experienced dental expert twice a year for checkups and cleanings can help treat the receding gums.

Does gingivectomy help with receding gums?

Some people have receding gums, while others have gums that cover more of their teeth. A gingivectomy, or gum tissue removal, could help in both cases. Keep an eye on gum disease symptoms and get treatment for them in their early stages. Otherwise, it could cause severe gum recession and other gum diseases. You can see the precise results of gingivectomy before and after. Many people choose gingivectomy for cosmetic reasons also. Talk with your dentist if you have doubts regarding gingivectomy.

How does the gingivectomy procedure work for receding gums?

Gingivectomy is an effective procedure. It is beneficial for treating several gum diseases, including gum recession. During the process, your dentist will-

  • Your dentist will inject a local or general anesthetic into the gums to numb the affecting area.
  • Your dental specialist will most likely use a suction device to remove extra saliva from your mouth during the process.
  • They may use a scalpel or a laser tool to cut away sections of gum tissue. Soft tissue incision is the term for this procedure.
  • Your dentist will likely use a laser tool to vaporize excess tissue and sculpt the gumline after tissue removal.
  • Your dentist applies a soft putty-like substance and bandages to the area to protect your gums while they heal.


We hope the above-given information helps you understand more about gum recession treatment. We learned some amazing facts about the treatment process for receding gums and more from the above article. For more information regarding reducing gum treatment, don’t hesitate to contact laserdentistrynearme.com.


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