What Are the Teeth Whitening Products and Other at-home Options?

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For teeth whitening near me, you can purchase products to help your colored and stained teeth. Unlike products administered by Midtown Dental Houston, there are products with no carbamide peroxide or much less than the Dental Office Houston uses. If your teeth are intrinsically discolored, teeth whiteners may not work correctly and reduce effectiveness.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening kinds of toothpaste don’t use carbamide peroxide. Instead, these toothpaste target the surface area with various substances such as abrasives and the chemical blue covering. Your whitening toothpaste may take significantly longer, but that covarine is effective and appears white after applying.

Whitening strips

You can go for OTC strips too. Over-the-counter strips contain a lesser amount of hydrogen peroxide as compared to other professional whitening products. You must apply them for a few days and set a period for reuse. Various types of whitening strip products are available, each of the strips in varying concentrations of bleaching agents.

Activated charcoal and other home-based methods

You should be curious about the homemade method of whitening teeth. Activated charcoal is one of the methods for the betterment of teeth. This method is not scientifically proven for whitening teeth but is recommended by many Midtown dentists. You may damage your teeth enormously if you use this method without consultation with Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me.

Side effects and other considerations

Best Cosmetic Dentist Houston considers teeth whitening treatment as safe, you may experience some side effects from treatments, but they are few and treatable.

Teeth sensitivity:  Your teeth may become fully sensitive after this procedure. You may experience sensitivity from your first or second treatment and may diminish with time slowly. Your dentist may also recommend therapy of sensitivity; these are the Products that treat potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride gel.

Irritated gums: You may experience gingival irritation. It happens when your gums become irritated, and this may occur because of friction between gums and whitening products. And this side effect also goes away after a bit of treatment.

Keep in mind that you cannot whiten your teeth permanently. You required whitening treatment more often for both extrinsic and intrinsic discoloration. Also, remember that your teeth are a single pair for a lifetime. You need to consult your dentist from time to time to unify the color of your teeth if you have implants, crowns, and any such treatments. Teeth whitening procedure may not be desirable for you to try. At the same time, you have active cavities or certain dental diseases that work in progress.

Result maintainance

Your drinking, eating, and oral hygiene habits can impact your long-run teeth whitening results. After the treatment, your teeth are still susceptible to staining from beverages like food, coffee, or red wine. Rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after eating and drinking can keep those discoloration products from settling down.


As long as you visit your dentist, you will find that improving your smile and whitening your teeth is not as bad; it is a safe procedure. Make sure, after knowing all the side effects of your method, that it fits your needs. Always follow the directions for the product and get a consultation from your doctor for more queries.


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