What Are The Essential Recovery Tips After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Patients undergoing wisdom teeth removal may expect discomfort and pain during recovery. Individuals can follow a few post-surgery tips to ensure a fast, smooth recovery with minimal pain. Bleeding at the extraction site can be controlled with gauze pads or tea bags. Achieve long-term recovery by resting as much as possible and avoiding strenuous exercise and work.

Moreover, speed up the mouth’s healing process with ice packs and diluted mouthwashes. Avoid certain activities such as spitting, smoking, and talking. Medications and antibiotics should be taken as prescribed to prevent complications. And patients should recover with cold water and soft foods while avoiding “hard” foods for several days. Visit a Miami orthodontist if you need immediate attention.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal Miami Recovery Tips:

Expect and Minimize Bleeding:

You may expect some bleeding from the extraction site on the first day after wisdom teeth surgery, which is normal. Therefore, a person shouldn’t worry unless the bleeding becomes too heavy or doesn’t stop after several days.

An oral surgeon may typically have a patient gently bite down on gauze pads over the extraction sites for several hours to reduce bleeding and to promote a blood clot. Once at home, a person can replace gauze pads as needed.

An individual may switch to moistened tea bags approximately 12 hours after surgery. The tannic acid in tea can cause the blood vessels to contract, helping to set the blood clot further and reduce pain.

Relax After Surgery

Many people who undergo wisdom teeth surgery may get the urge to return to work and resume normal activities as soon as possible. However, choosing to become active immediately afterward is not advisable and can even hinder the recovery process. Instead, a person should relax and take things slow for the first few days following teeth extraction to give the body a chance to heal and achieve long-term recovery.

An individual should avoid exercise for at least one day. In contrast, any work involving strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for several more days.

A person in recovery should sleep with the head elevated by pillows and the upper body set to almost a 45-degree angle. This will hasten the recovery process, as the body’s resting position can affect blood vessel tone and blood volume near the wound site.

Allow the Mouth to Heal Steadily

After wisdom teeth surgery, the patient will experience some pain and discomfort in the mouth as it is the body’s normal reaction to tooth extraction. The mouth and jaw need time to heal from the impact, so the patient must give the mouth a break.

If a person wants to rinse their mouth with a diluted mouthwash or a salt water rinse, they should do it with care, only after 12 hours of the extraction. People can brush their teeth the same night, avoiding the surgical area.

In the meantime, a person can use proactive measures to assist in recovery.  Apply ice packs to the cheek near the extraction site on the first day to reduce swelling and pain.  Consult adult orthodontics Miami if there is an ongoing issue.

Take Prescribed Medication Properly

An oral surgeon will prescribe medications to combat the pain following extraction and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infections that can cause potentially unbearable pain and hospital visits. Since no one cares to experience unnecessary pain and infection, those in recovery should take antibiotics exactly as directed. To ensure that antibiotics effectively prevent infections, take all prescribed medication and should not stop taking antibiotics even when they start to feel better.

Your dentist may prescribe painkillers, including narcotics, to help a person cope with pain.

Be Mindful of Foods and Drinks

Those in recovery should be careful of the foods and drink they consume following wisdom teeth surgery. Individuals should drink lukewarm or cold water after the bleeding stops to stay hydrated.  A person should begin with soft foods such as pudding and mashed potatoes. Avoid hot and spicy foods, carbonated sodas, and foods that may leave particles in the socket, such as popcorn or rice, until the recovery period is complete.

Consult your Miami beach orthodontics about everything about the procedure, like before and after wisdom teeth removal, wisdom teeth removal cost Miami, recovery time, etc., so that you can mentally and physically be prepared for the treatment.


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