How Much Does Cheek Reduction Cost?

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Cheeks are the most first noticeable thing when it comes to smiling. The chubby and round cheeks appear cute on toddlers and babies, but certainly not on adults. That is why many adults are self-confident about how the cheek looks as they fear becoming the laughing stock of their friends. This is not a thing that is related to the smile about it. Cheek reduction refers to the fat at the lower part of the cheeks, this is a root of all miseries of the one who suffers from these so-called chipmunk cheeks or chubby cheeks. Many people would sport the surgical process to alleviate the buccal fat from the cheeks. It is also known as cheek liposuction, and this is also known as cheek reduction surgery and buccal fat removal.

What is the goal of cheek reduction?

Cheek reduction aims to create the cheek smaller and more contoured by eliminating the buccal fat. Generally, the process is finished within one hour. The cheek reduction is conducted by designing the cuts between the gums and cheeks, pressurizing the buccal fat to extract out through the cuts, extracting the buccal fat, and closing the cuts.

Further, this surgery is becoming more famous as a cosmetic process these days. So is it always a wise decision to undergo the knife to improve the cheeks? But first of all, you need to be aware of the cost and benefits of these procedures.

What are the benefits of cheek reduction?

The smile will be brighter and wider, just because of the given below advantages-

  • The face will have a more fashionable appearance with identifiable cheekbones and facial features.
  • A cheek reduction is a non-intrusive process that will not result in scars.
  • The postoperative recovery time is quite easy and one may be able to renew the normal activities in less than a week.

What is the cost of cheek reduction?

The cost of cheek reduction will rely on the surgeon and the desirable results. The cost may vary depending on the hospital or the surgical clinic. Typically, the price is under $1500-$5000. Further, the price also involves the cost of a dermatologist near me.

Since cheek reduction is considered a Cosmetic Surgery Houston, several medical insurance companies are not covering it. That is why some physicians may suggest a financing plan to assist with the cost. Make sure that you ask these things at the time of consultation.

How is cheek reduction performed?

In the process of cheek reduction surgery, the patients are put under IV sedation or local anesthesia. The best plastic surgeons in Houston conduct these procedures by making a small incision inside of the cheek. It permits the surgeon to find the buccal fat pad and decide how much it is used to eliminate. Typically, a laser device is utilized to liquefy the fat, and then the cuts are closed with the help of dissolving stitches.

Summing up!

From the above article, hopefully, you get to know everything about the cheek reduction process and surgery. If you found the above article helpful and interesting, and want to give it a try then do contact our best surgeons of the premiere surgical arts. Also, you may find some other processes like the mommy makeover, premier plastic surgery, BBL surgery, etc. Don’t forget to watch our website for more information.


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