How Long Do We Have To Wear Permanent Retainers?

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You only have to wear braces for one to two years. On the other hand, they fix permanent retainers for years, if not decades. Some individuals have even had success wearing their permanent retainers for as long as 20 years. According to an orthodontist in Aventura Florida, most patients who wore permanent retainers did not experience any negative long-term repercussions.

Due to the retainer’s internal attachment, patients lose their retainers less frequently and don’t worry about sports-related tooth damage or preserving their straight smiles. Your permanent retainer should be replaced or taken out at least once over your life because it will deteriorate over time. According to an affordable orthodontist near me, you can remove your retainer at the appropriate time or if you did not wear it long enough.

The permanent retainer can fall out as it gets older. But this is nothing can take care of it. Permanent retainers are a terrific way to maintain your smile without thinking about it, and your retainer will last longer if you take better care of it.

What are the drawbacks of permanent retainers?

Considerations and probable downsides of permanent retainers are as follows:

  • You may need to attach a permanent retainer through a tedious and challenging process. Bonding a retainer to your teeth might occasionally take up to an hour.
  • It takes more work to brush and floss around a permanent retainer. Suppose you don’t take the time to clean the area around your permanent retainer thoroughly. In that case, your risk of cavities and gum disease may rise.
  • It can feel uncomfortable to constantly have a metal device in your mouth, and the wire may chafe on your tongue.
  • The wire can chafe against our tongue, and your tongue could become irritated or scraped if the bond separates or the wire breaks.

What should you do in case your retainer bends or moves?

Avoid attempting to repair a bent or displaced retainer on your own. Too much pressure on the retainer may cause the bonding material or wire to snap, harming your teeth. The retailer won’t hold your teeth in their typical locations if it changes the form. If your retainer is crooked or shifting:

Schedule a visit with your orthodontist.

Make a quick dental appointment with your dentist or Miami orthodontics specialists to get the retainer adjusted or repaired if it hurts any other areas of your mouth.

Make a quick phone call to your dentist or orthodontist.

Consult your dentist or orthodontics Aventura orthodontist if a piece of your retainer has broken off or hurt another area to prevent further harm to your teeth, mouth, or retainer.

Check for emergency contact.

There are numerous emergency numbers you can phone or text for dentists and orthodontists. Find out if your dentist or orthodontist has one so you can get in touch with them immediately if your retainer breaks or causes you harm.


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