All You Need to Know About Advantages and Cost of Invisalign Treatment

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Not having aligned teeth lowers the confidence and self-esteem in some people because a smile is an essential part of human life. Bite troubles and speech problems are also caused by unaligned teeth. Invisalign in North Miami Beach is the solution to all this which is the series of invisible aligners used by the patient to align their teeth. Discussed below are some of the facts about Invisalign that you must know before getting treatment.


How does Invisalign treatment starts?


  1. In the first visit, there is a round of questions and answers between the doctor and patient. You must be the perfect candidate for the Invisalign treatment. Orthodontists near me also answer the concerns that the patient has about the treatment including its cost and time of the treatment.


  1. By taking impressions and X-rays of the patient the Invisalign treatment plan is created once the patient is ready. This helps in developing the customized plan by watching the current alignment and position of the teeth.


  1. Clear aligners are created which are then worn by the patient with the help of the x-rays and impressions of the teeth. For taking impressions, the 3-d imaging technology is used which is also the factor that makes it better than the traditional alignment using metal braces.


  1. After two weeks, each set of Invisalign is replaced by another set that is more aligned with the previous one. After every six weeks, the patient is called for an examination. The progress of alignment is checked during the examination by the  
  2. For complete alignment, the whole process takes around a year when each Invisalign is used for 22 hours in a day.


What are the advantages of Invisalign?


There are several following advantages of Invisalign:

  • Invisalign near me is transparent and does not show, unlike traditional braces that are made up of braces. While speaking and eating the users remain confident between friends and family.
  • In synchronization with the original teeth and denture, Invisalign braces near me are customized for each user which means there is accuracy in the alignment.
  • While brushing, flossing, or eating, Invisalign is easy to remove. The user can also remove them on a special occasion without affecting the process.
  • Invisalign Aventura is made up of approved and safe smart track material which gives a comfortable fit and does not make its presence feel.
  • Periodontal disease can occur due to misaligned teeth which are prevented by using Invisalign.
  • For around a couple of weeks, each set of Invisalign is worn and it does not need any special maintenance and can be removed while cleaning.
  • Teeth once aligned remain that way and without requiring the patient need to treat them again and not after maintenane.


What is the cost of Invisalign?


Despite being better than the braces in different ways,  the only similarity that they share is the cost. The Invisalign cost near me is almost similar to that of traditional braces. To get perfect alignment of teeth, although there is only one sitting required and the cost remains the same. Invisalign is both cost-efficient and effective too.




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