How Are Braces Put On?

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The putting of braces is the process of nerve-wracking to many. The thought of having them encounters anxiety. Before having the process the basic question which arises in every patient is how long does it take to get braces and how painful it is? The answer to your question is that the process will normally take 1-2 hours roughly. Further, this also varies depending on the teeth pressure.  The method of putting on the braces is not painful but may lead to having some discomfort and soreness because of the force.

The very first step is to have an appointment with the best orthodontists near me. While at the time of visiting the dentist will analyze the teeth and ask a series of questions, and may take X-rays.

So, let’s read the entire article to know more about braces treatment.

What are the various parts of braces?

There are the 3 various parts of braces and they are –

  • Brackets
  • Archwire
  • module/ligature

What do you need to have before going for the braces?

It is important to see a braces dentist near me before having the process of braces and this will lead to having 2 consultations of sessions. These sessions will help your dentist to examine the oral health of the patients and make a treatment plan for you.

  1. At first Consultation – In this consultation, the dentist will help perform an oral examination and have diagnostic records of the teeth which includes the 3D intraoral scans and x-ray images. Now the treatment plan will be designed as per this.
  2. The second consultation – In this, the dentist will analyze the dental situation based on your diagnostic records and show the treatment plan for you. Now if you are comfortable with the plan designed by the dentists then it will further proceed to put the brakes on.

What is the process of getting braces?

The whole process of getting the brace near me depends on the three steps. Let’s have a loon on them one-by-one:

  • Step 1 – Cleaning of teeth and mouth

The orthodontist Hallandale fl will clean and polish your teeth before undergoing a braces treatment to put on. Further, make sure to have the brackets that would not fall off at the time of the treatment procedure.

  • Step 2 – Glueing on Brackets

A little amount of chemicals is placed onto the teeth. So, now the dentist will wash and dry the patient’s teeth before implementing the same attached material. After having this the orthodontists will utilize a dental cement to stick the brackets on your front teeth and a blue light will be implemented to fix the glue.

  • Step 3 – Putting the archwire

If all your brackets are bonded to the teeth, then the dentist will move ahead with placing all your archwires.

After all, for traditional braces, the ligature will be used to maintain the archwires in place. If you want then you may choose the color as per your preferences.

On the other side, the self-ligating braces would simply need the dentist to slide the doors over the archwires to keep them safe.

And then finally, extra ends of the archwires will be extracted and assured back to evade them from hurting your cheeks.

Hence, the 1&2 steps would remain the same for both the traditional and self-ligating braces.  And also, the 3rd step would differ normally as the self-ligating braces don’t need modules.

The takeaways

Hopefully! It is good to search for the best and affordable braces Miami. Also, if you are looking for the best braces then do contact our website for more information and knowledge about the braces.


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