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Do you have a flair for fashion? Were you always trying to make your own fashion statement by wearing different types of styles? Have you ever made your own clothes and been complimented on the design? Perhaps you would enjoy earning a fashion design degree from an accredited art school or university.

When we think of fashion designers, we often imagine world famous designers working in Milan or Paris. Designers such as Ralph Lauren or Gianni Versace come to mind. However, there are plenty of people who are not famous who earn a good living as a fashion designer. While a few people can afford to purchase designer clothing, most people gravitate towards clothing that is manufactured in factories and sold to department or discount stores. That clothing must be designed, as well. For each article of clothing in a store there is a responsible clothing designer. There are thousands of possibilities for someone with a flair for fashion to make a living in the fashion design industry.

Art degrees in fashion vary. In addition to fashion design, many people with a flair for fashion choose to go into fashion marketing or fashion management. There are art degrees available for both fashion and retail management. An art degree in fashion can bring with it many different employment opportunities.

fashion designer is the person who creates the type of clothing that we wear. A fashion designer should have a good eye for fabric as well as color and clothing design. They should have a thorough knowledge of sewing and how clothing is put together on a sewing machine. Most people begin creating fashions at a young age. Either they create clothing for dolls or for themselves and friends. A career in fashion design combines a creative artistic streak with the love of fashion. It can be one of the most lucrative pursuits in the art world. In most cases, however, it has the ability to earn someone a good living while giving them the opportunity to create fashions that everyday people will enjoy wearing.

Chances are that after you have received your degree in fashion design you will have to apprentice at a design house. You will most likely not be able to create your own designs but will be part of a team working on creations of other designs. Like any other employment opportunity, you will have to begin at entry level until your genius is realized. As you work with others, however, you will learn more about he industry in which you play an integral part.

You will learn the entire concept of how a design goes from the imagination of a fashion designer onto the body of a model on the fashion runway. You will wait for the opportunity to have your own chance at displaying your own fashion designs. In the meantime, you will be learning quite a bit about the business and making friends and business contacts.

If you enjoy working with people and have a flair for fashion, and are a highly creative individual, a fashion design degree may be your ticket to a lucrative career. With a fashion design career you will be able to work just about anywhere and there are always opportunities for those with a unique sense of style who wish to influence the world of fashion to move ahead.


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