Which Doctor Should We Visit For Varicose Veins?

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Your doctor will need to check your bare legs and feet to find varicose veins and decide the best treatment for your disease. Your primary care physician might suggest you see a dermatologist, phlebologist, or vascular surgeon. If you need to know what kind of doctor treats varicose veins, then these are the ones who specialize in treating vein problems. You can prepare for your appointment in the interim in several ways.

How do veins specialists treat your varicose veins?

There are several ways a vein specialist can treat your varicose vein. If you need to know What is a vein specialist called, then phlebologists and vascular surgeons would be the answer. Below are some of the treatment options for varicose veins.


Exercise, lifting the legs when sitting or lying down, and using compression stockings are all examples of self-care measures that can reduce varicose vein pain and stop them from worsening.

Compression stocking

The first step is often to wear compression stockings all day. The leg compression provided by the socks improves blood flow through the veins and muscles of the legs. By type and brand, compression levels differ, and most pharmacies and medical supply stores carry compression stockings.

Surgeries or other processes

A healthcare professional may suggest surgery or other procedures if self-care measures and compression stockings are ineffective or if varicose veins are more severe:


A medical specialist injects a foam-like solution into the varicose veins to scar and shut them. The treated varicose veins should disappear in a few weeks, and there may be a need for multiple injections into the same vein. Also, sclerotherapy can be performed at a doctor’s office without using an anesthetic.

Laser therapy

Intense light pulses from laser therapy cause the vein to deteriorate and vanish slowly. Also, there’s no need for cuts or needles.

High ligation and vein stripping

How much does it cost to get your veins stripped? The cost of this treatment differs depending on the condition of your leg and veins. A vein is tied off just before it merges with a deep vein, and then they cut and remove it. Most people will undergo this surgery as an outpatient. Deeper veins handle the higher amounts of blood in the leg, so removing the vein won’t stop blood flow.

Procedures that use radiofrequency or laser energy and are catheter-based.

The primary method of treating bigger varicose veins is this operation. A medical professional places a catheter—a tiny tube—into an enlarged vein and uses laser or radiofrequency energy to warm the catheter’s tip. The heat damages the vein by forcing it to close and seal shut as the catheter is removed.

In-office phlebectomy.

A healthcare professional uses a series of microscopic skin punctures to remove smaller varicose veins. So, this outpatient surgery only numbs the leg in areas they will puncture, and Scarring is typically not severe.


The above-provided details will help you learn some beneficial and knowledgeable attributes and aspects regarding varicose vein treatment. For more valuable information, please visit veintreatmentca.com.


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