What is a Dental Crown?

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Teeth are essential for chewing and physical appearance, especially when we smile. So, if one of them gets damaged, the other can get infected.

For this purpose, dental crown are prepared to fix the issues that repair the damaged teeth.

Dental crowns are like tooth covering to protect them from damage, and they are specially designed and very durable. The cover is colored in the shade so that it can blend with the original natural color of your teeth.

Reasons you need a crown:

  1. Crowns protect weak teeth from further damage.
  2. Some cosmetic reasons to improve the discoloration.
  3. Repairs cracked tooth, broken tooth, or injured tooth.
  4. Restoring the tooth after a root canal.
  5. Fixing Large areas of decay that cannot be filled with a filling.

Fabricating a Temporary Crown

Fabricating a temporary crown over a tooth may look like a cosmetic necessity, but placing a crown over the damaged tooth is essential for many reasons.

In some cases, a temporary crown is beneficial for many tooth problems, like, it could be a cavity, worn tooth or enamel, cracked tooth, fractured tooth, gum disease, broken tooth, or exposed roots.

As soon as your dentist discovers the tooth problem, your dentist will tell you the process to fix your problems.

How are wisdom teeth impacted?

Affected Wisdom teeth occur when the third molars become partly or wholly trapped in your gums or jawbone.

Feel lucky if your dentist says your wisdom teeth problem free. Wisdom teeth can cause many issues, for instance, damage to nearby teeth, gum disease, causes cavities. Many people have only one wisdom tooth that is affected.

Wisdom teeth come at the age of 17 to 25, and if they cause any problem, you may need a wisdom teeth extraction.

Symptoms of wisdom teeth:

Sometimes, the impacted wisdom teeth may not cause you any pain. But, if a wisdom tooth gets impacted, it can damage other teeth and cause other dental issues.

You may find some of the below symptoms :

  1. Red or swollen gums
  2. Gums bleeding
  3. Pain in the jaw
  4. Feel swelling around the jaw
  5. Bad breath can also be a reason.
  6. Facing difficulty in opening the mouth.

Prevention to keep your teeth healthy

However, you can’t control your teeth from getting affected if you visit a regular six-month appointment with your dentist. Cleaning and regular checkups allow your dentist to see the growth of any dental issue, and regularly updated dental X-rays will indicate if wisdom teeth are affected before developing any symptoms.

When to see an Emergency Dentist?

You should recommend a dentist if you find any symptoms in the surrounding area of your wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth get impacted because it does not get space to come out.

Conclusion :

If you have severe pain in your tooth or find any problems like gum, tooth pain, or other dental issues. You may have to visit your Tooth Extraction Near Me Dentist and discuss your dental issues. Your dentist will remove the affected tooth, and you will feel relieved from pain.


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