What Are The Steps Of Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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The procedure for a full mouth reconstruction should be performed in steps to get good results. It is necessary to address overall dental health.

Therefore, full mouth reconstruction is different from a smile makeover. A smile makeover is a primary cosmetic concern. But a full mouth reconstruction is additional; it modifies the appearance and function of the mouth. It is also called full-mouth restoration or full-mouth rehabilitation.

All you need is a healthy mouth that can easily support your reconstruction. The reconstruction time for a full mouth takes almost 1 year to complete. The procedure time depends on each case, the number of surgeries and the cosmetic modifications needed. At Tmj Specialist Near Me Dentistry, you can contact and ask for Full Mouth Reconstruction Cost and about the procedure.

1.  Consult with your dentist

When you first visit the dentist for a consultation, you can ask all the relevant questions you are thinking about or if you fear dentist tools and machines. After discussing with your dentist, you may feel free and will be ready for the procedure.

Your dentist may ask you questions about your health, and you must answer them wisely.

  • Before starting the process, your dentist will ask you about any medical details the team should know. Habits like smoking, health issues or medications that could interfere with treatment, or dental anxiety. The dentist will plan the treatment according to that.
  • If you have any pain or discomfort in chewing or pain in the jaw/neck/teeth. If so, there might be signs of cavitations, temporomandibular joint, or airway issues.

2.  Discussion

Choosing a dentist with knowledge and experience in full mouth reconstruction who uses biocompatible materials is necessary. There should be someone who knows what they’re doing and what materials will keep your mouth healthy.

3.  Impressions for the smile

After the consultation, your dentist will get the impression of your mouth and do some x-rays and other scans. This is important as the dentist will know your bite, tooth structure, decay, or any earlier dental issues.

4.  Making the treatment plan

Once the dentist examines your mouth, the dentist can create a treatment plan for your mouth reconstruction. The treatment is for the best to make your smile pleasing and mouth healthy.

5.  Dumping of all old dentistry work

Your dentist will remove all the earlier dental work so that Full Mouth Reconstruction can give the benefits. Dental work done earlier can tend to shrink and move away from the tooth, making more space for decay. This is done to keep your mouth safe, and the dentist ensures clean biocompatible materials.

6.  Removal of decay and checking for gum disease

The dentist will remove the decay from your mouth if left untreated; there can be a risk to the longevity of the reconstruction.

The dentist will then perform scaling and root planing. Treating pockets is also necessary to keep the full mouth reconstruction healthy. If there are unhealthy gums, they can pull away from teeth and implants, provoking loose or missing teeth. It is essential to check gum health to prevent diseases like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

7.  Preparation and impression

Now the dentist will prepare the teeth for further work. After that, the dentist will take the impression of your teeth so that the crowns, implants, dental veneers, and onlays can be designed for full mouth reconstruction.

8.  Restorations are placed.

The final step is custom restorations created in dentistry; your dentist places it in your mouth. And this is the last step to having a beautiful smile appearance.

In Conclusion:

Suppose you are experiencing extreme pain, tooth loss, or problem eating due to synthetic materials. In that case, this is the right time you need a full mouth reconstruction with Tmj Treatment Aventura.


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