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As you may know, projectors are used to display images and texts as clear as possible. This remains true up to today’s generation of projectors, more specifically those that are used in video gaming.

Gaming projectors were developed for several good reasons. In the first place, video games use both data and video and often include texts that must be displayed vividly for it to be read by the video game enthusiasts. Also, video games include cinematic visuals that must also be projected clearly to be considered truly stunning. All of these effects can only be made possible through the use of video gaming projectors.

The gaming projectors are offered in today’s market, but not that common. So if you are looking for projectors to complement your video gaming experience, note that gaming projectors are a bit difficult to find. You still need to go through a number of searches before you can find the right unit. To help make your search easy, I have listed below a couple of the best picks for gaming projectors. So for your search, read on.

Optoma HD72

The Optoma HD72 is but one of few most popular gaming projectors available on the market nowadays. It features 1300 theoretical ANSI Lumens to fit its 3500:1 or 5000:1 contrast once its ImageAI is turned on. Speaking of contrast, several reports have it that the contrast of this gaming projector is unparalleled for one simple reason – it is capable of giving the black level and shadow detail a whole new dynamic degree to fit a number of cinematic games like the Splinter Cell, Halo or Half-life 2.

The Optoma HD72 is also flexible with mounting options. It can be ideal for both table and ceiling mounting for it has a throw angle that is fixed upward lending itself to such kinds of settings.

Sanyo PLV-Z3

As far as I know, this model is one of the most affordable gaming projectors introduced in the market. So if you find yourself on a limited budget, you can consider this option, instead of the above mentioned unit which typically comes with a high tag price. Well, this gaming projector is actually one of the oldest units available. It was first released in 2004, but was considered since then as one of the well-designed gaming projectors.

The Sanyo PLV-Z3 has an 800 ANSI Lumen output, with 2000:1 contrast, and has a wide lens shift range, plus a component and HDMI inputs, making this product truly perfect for an excellent presentation. It is nice to know that this projector has a 720p level performance, making it more valuable than its counterparts. This product can be mounted on a coffee table.


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