How To Take Care of Lingual Braces?

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Do you know that braces are the least expensive, yet most accurate and predictable method of moving teeth? To ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this treatment, you must properly maintain such braces. This is especially so for lingual braces, which have brackets mounted on the back of your teeth, unlike traditional braces that have brackets mounted on the front. Proper maintenance will prevent damage to wires and brackets, which facilitate the alignment of your teeth. If you are looking for orthodontist to get the free braces consultation near me, visit ortodoncista near me.

General Care: Braces before and after

  • Particular habits would have to change while wearing Aventura braces. For instance, eating hard and crunchy foods should be avoided. Such foods would necessitate excessive pressure while chewing, which can lead to brackets breaking loose.


  • Foods that might get caught in the brackets should also be avoided. Moreover, you should pay even closer attention to your eating habits if your upper teeth overhang the lower teeth. Generally, you should always eat slowly and carefully so as not to cause any harm to the braces.


  • Take note that rubbing your tongue along the inside of your teeth can cause small abrasions and soreness. Your bite might also change constantly, which might cause you to bite your cheek when eating too fast. The use of dental wax can help counter these two scenarios.


  • Dental wax is normally provided by an orthodontist while giving your treatment. You can also purchase it from the local drug store. To apply this wax, just soften it by kneading on your fingers and forming a ball before pressing it on the bracket or wire.

The irritation caused by rubbing on your braces would only last for a few weeks and can be avoided using dental wax. In case, it doesn’t subside, you should see your orthodontist about the issue.

Brushing and Flossing:

According to a reliable report, approximately 50 % of people have the habit of not brushing before bed. Moreover, the majority of parents (60%) find it challenging to get their kids to brush twice daily. These are quite startling facts, especially since proper oral care is necessary when wearing braces.


  • Proper oral care with lingual braces would involve a much more extensive process than normal. Apart from regular brushing, flossing is also a necessary part of this process. Flossing should be done using both regular dental floss as well as inter-dental floss.


  • In order to get floss under the wires, you can use floss threaders. These are normally provided by the orthodontist when administering treatment. Always make sure to use these oral care instruments due to the inherent risk of food particles sticking in your braces.


  • The use of mouthwash is also necessary for reducing bacteria and fighting plaque. Apart from following these personal oral hygiene habits, you must also comply with regular dental hygiene appointments throughout the course of your treatment. This is vital in the early detection of dental issues that may affect your orthodontic treatment.

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Obviously, when you take good care of your braces, you can be assured of a satisfactory result from the orthodontic treatment.


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