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Video Production Company London the UK

Video Production Companies Media Brief

Upgraded 11.11.19 

Movie Director’s Approach

young musicians (garage band) entering into a spray-painted van with their instruments; they’re doing all the work themselves

pals (followers) text each other “check this out”

musicians dipping into little/ neighborhood place


AMP Transition

  • roadies loading up a small equipment vehicle
  • musicians chilling outside a moderate tour bus
  • followers putting up posters around town
  • artists dipping into a small/ regional celebration


AMP Transition

  • roadies in black loading up an 18-wheeler with gear situations
  • musicians chilling inside a swanky excursion bus
  • followers aligning outside a big-ass stadium or festival
  • top of the Spotify charts
  • artists playing aforementioned big-ass arena or celebration


AMP Transition




– All footage will be caught MOS.

– All of the items will certainly be edited without discussion or narrative.

– Each sector will have marginal, streamlined graphic elements (not message or titles).

– Some video footage will certainly be shot professionally, some on cam phones (like staff or scene shops) for a ‘truth’ really feel.

Video/ Sources.


Possible locations/ sources:.

Music wedding rehearsals in Chicago.

A possible studio session in Chicago.

Scene shop (offered by the shop?).

CT (AV production firm) – on the road?

CT– loading in R7 equipment?

CT to record timelapse video footage of AMPitheater load-in/setup.

Capture some on-site: time-lapse.

Include some crew from later passages/ meetings.

AV associate AMP logo for the surface!




 Before settling the manuscript as well as starting recording, the author, as well as the video clip producer, will certainly team up with the music director to make certain that the video clip segments and live music are lined up.


Ideal Video Production as well as Creative Video Agency London UK.



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