10 Trendy Ideas for Brown Nail Polish

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Brown nails polish has been getting more and more popular as of late, and it’s not hard to see why! Brown nails polish looks great on almost any skin tone, and it’s especially flattering when paired with a darker hair color or when matched with pink clothing, jewelry, and/or accessories. These ten trend-setting ideas for brown nail polish will help you find your perfect shade and make sure that your nails are always looking on-trend this season!

1) Ombre

Have you ever seen an ombre manicure? The look is all about dark-to-light color transitions in your nails. Start by applying a base coat, then take a brown nails polish and paint your entire nail. Now use a cotton swab dipped in white polish to pick up and apply a bit of color near your cuticle—don’t worry if it looks streaky at first! You can also add some glitter (like gold) to make it even more beautiful. Use another cotton swab dipped in brown nails polish to fill out some of your nails and blend everything together. This method will give you lots of layers that really create that ombre effect, while letting each shade shine through just enough to make things interesting.

2) French Tips

French tips are a popular design for nails of any color. If you have short nails, consider doing your French tips in a different shade of brown than your nail polish to create interest and show off your playful side. If you want something more bold, try opting for solid brown acrylic nails that hit right at or just above your fingertips. These can be very long and worn with anything from a crisp white blouse to a fitted black dress. You may also want to consider keeping them understated with minimal jewelry and hair accessories (or simply going au natural) when sporting brown acrylic nails. It’s all about finding what works best for you!

3) Summer Colors

Brown has historically been considered a neutral color, meaning that it’s neither feminine nor masculine. That said, brown is typically a bit heavier than lighter pastels like pink and light blues. It’s a pretty neutral choice and can make nails look dark—but not dark enough to appear black. In addition to darker shades of brown, there are lots of ways to dress up your manicure with different nail designs like brown french tip nails or other fun brown nail polish design ideas. When you want to try something different but won’t clash with your swimsuit or shoes, go with brown!

4) Matte Finish

Matte nail polish is all about showing off your nails. These days, even celebrities have jumped on board, with A-listers like Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence sporting matte nails. If you’re looking to try out a more matte shade without hitting up a salon, try Essie’s Matte About You or Chirag in Chelsea. Both of these colors feature a warm brown hue that can look natural or dressed up depending on how you apply them. (We recommend dabbing these two instead of painting them on).

5) More Brightness Section

The key to going brown is building up layers of color. To begin, start with a brown shade that works as a base coat and apply several thin coats of nail polish. When you’re done, use a sponge or tissue paper to wipe off any extra nail polish from your nails. This will leave behind natural-looking tips with just enough brown to make it interesting but not overwhelming. It’s best to choose a lighter colored top coat in order to avoid staining your nails. Remember that when it comes to brown nail designs, less is more! In addition, keep an eye out for chunky glitter and liquid textures; they create a surprisingly effective contrast against darker hues while adding depth and dimension. These two styles are particularly interesting when paired together.

6) Gold Accents Section

If you prefer a more glamorous look, paint your nails brown with gold accents. Try using metallic brown nails polish instead of plain brown polish. You can also use gold lacquer to coat your tips and give them an extra sparkle. A gold manicure also looks great on dark skin tones as it brings out your natural tan or complexion. Make sure that you apply at least two coats to ensure coverage and allow drying time between each layer. The most fun part of a nail design is usually adding on accessories such as rings, necklaces, or earrings. If you’re not planning on dressing up in these items, though, don’t add them!

7) Pastel Colors Section

The most popular shades of brown include pinks, beiges, and blacks. The most trendy nail polish colors right now? Soft hues such as pale pink, light blue, and pastel yellow. If you’re in need of a new pedicure or manicure color and want to keep things relatively low-key and stylish, consider pastels. Of course, if you want more than just one shade on your nails, feel free to experiment with different combinations—especially if you’re partial to darker shades of brown. Beige looks especially pretty paired with black but other colors work too!

8) Black and White Sections

Add a touch of metallic shine to your manicure by accenting different nails with different shades of brown. Try using a metallic polish on your ring finger, an iridescent lacquer on your middle finger and a matte polish on your index finger or thumb. Or switch things up by using one color as an accent nail and another as your main polish—like gold instead of brown! For even more options, use bright pink or white instead of brown. These lighter shades look great when layered over darker ones, so you can achieve multiple looks with just one bottle of nail polish. Your manicure will look professional and polished no matter what you choose!

9) Glitter Accents Section

Adding a hint of glitter to a manicure has become increasingly popular. If you’re looking to play up your brown nail polish, consider adding gold accents or even rhinestones! The idea is to add some glitz and glamour to your nails without making them too overpowering. Here are 10 different ways that you can try with brown nail polish

10) Gradient Accents Section

Brown tip nails, popularly known as ombre nails, are great way to rock trend-worthy brown nail polish without committing to a full manicure. Similar to naturally faded hair color, tip nails have a soft gradient from light brown or honey-colored at the top of your nail down to dark brown at its base. It’s also easy (and affordable) to DIY your own nail art featuring gradual color transitions. With some colored gel pen ink or a toothpick dipped in paint, you can draw stripes or zigzags in one color over others to achieve an eye-catching effect that takes minutes—not hours—to complete.


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