Will cheekbone surgery make your face smaller?

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The cheekbones are removed and contoured, which has the effect of making the face look smaller. If you have cheekbone surgery and are still worried about the length of your face, you can also perform V-line formation and shaving. If you are concerned about the gills and chin, you should consider the three contours from the beginning.

Cheek Reduction Surgery is surgery to adjust the protrusion and width of the face by scraping or separating and moving the cheekbones. The small face effect is obtained by reducing the cheekbones that occupy most of the midface.

About cheekbone reduction

Surgery on the cheekbones can be broadly divided into surgery to remove the cheekbones and surgery to cut the cheekbones. For very mild protrusions, the surgical method used is to scrape the surface of the bone. For very high protrusions, choose a surgical procedure to cut and reduce the zygomatic bone itself.

How to perform cheekbone reduction surgery

After cutting the anterior and lateral cheekbones, push them inward to shrink the protruding cheekbones. It is an operation to grasp the position of the cut bone line of the most protruding part and move the cheekbone to a suitable position.

The lateral cheekbones should not pop out when viewed from the front. To maintain an appropriate volume, the anterior cheekbones should be balanced and reduced in balance with the lateral cheekbones.

A smooth and well-balanced volume is created, and while looking young, the face line is refined.

Cheek Reduction Surgery is performed with as few fixation methods as possible to fix the anterior side. It is firmly fixed, and there is almost no slack in the cheeks, and even when taking X-rays, the fixing pins are not so visible. The fixing pin can be removed after 1 year if desired.

Surgery methods may differ depending on the clinic, so please be sure to consult with the best plastic surgeons in Houston.

How to Find the Best Plastic Surgery Clinic?

Our lives are influenced and promoted by several key factors, including styling, fashion and meeting the requirements to meet social standards. You may have noticed that everyone around you wants to be as good as the celebrities you see on your TV screen or the models you see in your ads. The easiest and most convenient procedure to give yourself that perfection is to perform plastic surgery. Cosmetic Surgery Houston is the process of surgically strengthening the body and facial features to give them a gorgeous look.

How long do I need to stay in the clinic for plastic surgery?

If you choose a certified and validated clinic for premier plastic surgery, you will need to search for a dermatologist near me and make an appointment and start treatment. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to complete the procedure. However, the time it takes to complete plastic surgery depends on the nature and type of surgery. You can check the results right away, but that’s not the case because it takes enough time to cure the surgery and see the final results before you go home.


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