What is TBM (Technology Business Management)

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Technology business management is a joint framework that assists businesses to align their IT departments with entire business processes and goals. It is an essential aspect of today’s enterprise.

Since TBM is a solution-oriented business solution it can be utilized easily and efficiently like other several frameworks in the market like ITIL. Mainly, TBM scales with your company the more you grow, the more you need it.

What Are the Advantages of TBM?

TBM as a service aims at various vital aspects of your business i.e expenses, budget, and cost-effectiveness that drive a new innovation at the IT business unit level. Most business leaders use TBM as it helps align their IT sections with basic enterprise goals. Moreover, it focuses on the importance of IT throughout the company.

Some of the strategic advantages are discussed below:

It adds value to businesses:

With TBM, the IT departments come to know its value and position in the organization by bringing into focus the economic value that IT provides the entire company.

Creates Strategic Plans for Improvement:

TBM is considered one of the best practices that demand creating strategic planning to improve businesses’ productivity. Therefore, the businesses utilizing the TBM are more efficient in all ways.

TBM Focuses On Cost and Consumption:

Since the TBM provides a focused insight on cost and consumption, it helps provide the overall value. Some of the important ways of using cost and consumption data and insight profits businesses inside the TBM framework, such as;

  • Reports about business demands, that allow companies to get ahead of customer needs.
  • Reveals the essential cost of business information and data to save money and innovate their technology infrastructure.
  • Ensures budget alignment with IT goals. It lets organizations be IT-driven with improving value to the customers inside the reach of the organization.

How to win with TBM?

TBM is a focused technology process that helps organizations make always the right decisions in each technology aspect. Basically, it focuses on enhancing outcomes for unique strategies so that IT can align with the priorities of business goals.


  • It Identifies Key Players and Stakeholders for a successful TBM implementation. Basically, it requires the involvement of all stakeholders and decision-makers at all levels of the organization.
  • Comprehend with your existing data collection and aggregation methods, the various business processes, etc
  • Target your TBM efforts and key results with your stakeholders.
  • Start evaluating the trade-offs of IT expenses and their direct impact on the company.
  • Acts as a decision engine that lets the users evaluate tradeoffs and move forward in the best direction.
  • Helps your company to be more familiar with the terminology, and achievements of TBM.
  • Help examine strengths and weaknesses and develop new tactics to evolve your company.

Hence, TBM is the ultimate solution to improve the various aspects of an organization like goal setting, data collection, and analysis and especially plays an important role in making mature decisions.  EZTBM is one of the effective IT-managed tools helping businesses in their IT departments with goal setting and much more.


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