What Exactly Are Power Chains In Braces?

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The braces power chain is an elastic that your dental specialist or orthodontist may use to apply the additional force on your braces. The power chain is generally made up of many connected elastic rings which give it a chain-like appearance. The power chain braces replace the ligatures and can help in connecting several brackets when it is applied to the braces.

The orthodontist who does adult braces near me uses power chains to close the spaces between the teeth during orthodontic treatment. They prefer to use them to move teeth quickly. for the larger gaps between the teeth where the teeth might be missing due to extraction or removal. Keep in mind that the power chains are generally used towards the end of the treatment.

How can a power chain be used?

local orthodontists use power chains along with braces to address the variety of treatment needs

  • Promoting even spacing between the teeth.
  • Closing the excess spacing and huge gaps between the teeth. Such as those formed after the extraction
  • Aligning crooked teeth.
  • Correcting your dental midline
  • Rotating teeth

Some of the teeth may be connected to the power chains while the other tooth or teeth may use individual ligatures. In this way, your dental care provider can work to address different treatment requirements in various areas of your mouth. Just like individual ligatures, power chains also come in a variety of colors.

Do power chains come in various colors?

Yes, power chains for braces come in a variety of colors. Power chain colors make braces interesting not only for kids but sometimes for adults too. These power chains make braces colors more interesting. Usually, you have to wear ligature elastics to make braces colorful. But power chains also come in different color options for you to pick your choice of elastic chains. Be sure to consider these various factors like age, skin tone, season, and upcoming events.

  • Dark, Bright, and jewel colors such as gold, dark blue, or dark red are good choices for the dark skin tone
  • People who have light skin tone can select brighter or lighter colors such as light purple, blue, light pink, navy, etc.
  • Boys, in general, choose dark blue, red, blue, and orange while most girls choose light pink, purple, pink, and blue for power chain braces

Why does the braces’ power chain get loose or broken?

If you don’t care properly for your power chains, they can be broken or torn by you. It can happen due to many reasons, some of the main reasons are given below-

  • Following the improper method of brushing or flossing while wearing elastic chains and braces.
  • Eating food that is harmful to the braces elastics
  • Being careless while chewing food
  • Purchasing an orthodontic elastic band from the local market and wearing it.


In the end, we can say that the above given information provides us with useful information regarding power chains in brass, use of power chains, color choices in power chains, and more. For further information regarding the power chain please check out ivanovortho.com


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