What Do You Expect During Wisdom Teeth Removal?

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Wisdom teeth are third molars; they erupt in the last. Most people get wisdom teeth between the ages of seventeen and twenty. Sometimes people don’t have any wisdom teeth, and sometimes they grow at the wrong angle due to insufficient space in the mouth, causing various problems & complications. Such wisdom teeth are known as impacted wisdom teeth causing pain & infection. Therefore, it becomes necessary to remove them. It may take a few days to heal and feel back to normal.

Why Remove Them?

Major reasons to eliminate wisdom teeth are;

  • You have impacted wisdom teeth trapped in your gums & jaw bones that can be painful.
  • Grow at an odd angle; it may press against your other teeth.
  • Less space in your mouth
  • You have gum disease or cavities as you cannot reach your wisdom teeth with your toothbrush & dental floss.

Before Surgery:

Schedule an appointment with your Miami orthodontist to discuss the whole process. During the discussion, tell your dentist about your existing health issues. If you are on medication, enlist the drug names and provide them to your wisdom teeth removal Miami surgeon. Then, plan your surgery schedule according to your free time. Make arrangements for child & pet care or someone close to you who can ride you home after the surgery.

During Surgery:

The wisdom teeth removal surgery may take forty-five minutes or less. Your oral surgeon may administer local anesthesia, including novocaine, mepvicaine, or lidocaine. They may ask you to smell nitrous oxide or laughing gas to make you feel relaxed during surgery.

Moreover, your Miami beach orthodontics may numb your mouth by injecting drugs in your arm to make you feel drowsy, and you might sleep during the entire procedure. Apart from anesthesia & sedation, your oral surgeon may give you gas to breathe through a mask, and you will feel asleep during the entire procedure so that you won’t experience any discomfort throughout the whole process.

Then, your dentist will cut your gums or bone to eliminate the teeth and seal the wound to heal it quickly. These stitches will dissolve after a few days. Your surgeon may place gauze pads inside your mouth to absorb some of the blood.

Wisdom teeth removal cost Miami:

Wisdom teeth removal costs may vary depending on each patient’s specific needs; as a result, you may find variations in the prices. However, the average cost of wisdom teeth removal may cost $75. If we consider a simple removal, it may lie between $75–$200 per tooth, and if it is an impacted tooth, it may lie between $225 to $600 per tooth.

Removing all four wisdom teeth can reduce the treatment cost.

Consult your adult orthodontics Miami to discuss each step of the procedure thoroughly.


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