What Are Varicose Veins And Its Treatment?

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Are you also suffering from varicose veins? Many people aren’t able to understand what varicose veins are and why they develop on legs. If you are also one of the people that are struggling with painful varicose veins you need to make sure to read this article till the end as it has some important facts regarding varicose veins that you should know.

What do you mean by varicose veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged and swollen veins that appear on your leg skin surface. Varicose veins develop when your veins become weak and causing improper blood circulation and forming blood clots in your vein which causes the blue and purple bulges that you can witness see on your legs, feet, or ankles.

What are the signs that show you are a candidate for varicose veins?

Here are some important and visible signs of varicose veins that will help you know if you are suffering from a vascular disease such as varicose veins or not:

  1. If you have veins that are dark purple or blue
  2. If you have twisted and bulging veins
  3. If you are feeling heavy in legs
  4. The heavy sensation of burning and throbbing
  5. Muscle cramping in legs
  6. Swollen legs
  7. Dry and itchy legs
  8. Skin discoloration

If you are witnessing any of these symptoms mentioned below make sure to visit a vein specialist for getting a varicose vein treatment.

What are the major causes of varicose veins?

The formation of varicose vein in your legs can be due to some reasons mentioned below including;

  1. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause
  2. Aging
  3. Overweight and obesity
  4. Tight clothing
  5. Lack of movement
  6. Frequently worn high heels
  7. Standing and sitting for prolonged hours

What is the major difference between varicose veins and spider veins?

Some people aren’t able to understand what is the difference between varicose and spider veins and tend to ignore and avoid varicose veins thinking of spider veins that result in worsening the situation of legs and vein disease. To avoid any misconception between both veins, we have mentioned some information that you will help with.

Varicose veins are generally those veins that cause pain, enlarged in size, twisted like cords and has discolored whereas spider veins are tiny veins that appear on your legs, this evens are thinner than varicose veins doesn’t cause you any pain and and look like a spider web in your legs.

What is the treatment for varicose veins?

There are a variety of treatments available for varicose veins that you can find by visiting a vein clinic. We have mentioned some medically proven treatments that can easily remove your varicose vein and offer you relief, so make sure to read them carefully:

  1. Endothermal ablation
  2. Ambulatory phlebectomy
  3. Sclerotherapy
  4. Ligation and stripping
  5. Laser surgeries
  6. Endoscopic vein surgery

Here are some home remedies for treating smaller varicose veins such as:

  1. Exercise daily will help to open your blood clots in your veins you can do exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, and yoga
  2. Wearing compression stocking will help build warm pressure on your legs
  3. Change in diet, including high fiber food, and avoiding food that increases water retention, will be beneficial for your veins

What is a vein clinic?

A vein clinic is a treatment center that has a vein specialist and its team with advanced vein treatment technology. The vein clinic will help you in treating your veins by performing advanced treatment on your veins that are suitable according to the severity of your veins.


We hope you like this article and it was somewhere helpful for you in the understanding of varicose veins and their treatment. If you want to know about varicose veins then make sure to visit our website and get a consultation with the best vein specialist.


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