What Are Spider Veins?

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Those little red or blue veins on the surface of your skin are spider veins. Spider veins are frequently found on the thighs and calves and appear on the breasts and face. Spider veins can make legs feel slightly tired or itchy and bothersome. But they seldom cause harm and are rarely painful. Sclerotherapy is now thought to be the best method for removing spider veins by medical professionals. However, this is different from how a medical operation is carried out.

Do spider veins return after treatment?

Do Spider Veins Come Back After Laser Treatment? The spider veins may reappear despite receiving therapy with injection, laser ablation, or microphlebectomy.

  • Genetics: unfortunately, it is impossible to foresee the occurrence of new spider veins or when they will do so. Thanks to heredity, some people are just predisposed to developing them.
  • Venous insufficiency. The underlying disease known as venous insufficiency is another factor contributing to the recurrence of your spider veins. It necessitates a whole new approach.

Without adequate therapy, it is a degenerative vein condition without proper treatment that you cannot cure. Spider veins can indicate this vascular problem. You can find out if your valves are functioning and whether you have that condition with a quick ultrasound of your legs.

How do laser therapy and sclerotherapy help with spider veins?

Laser treatment

Some medical professionals treat spider veins with laser therapy. What is a Vein Specialist Called? Vein specialists like phlebologists are specialists who treat varicose veins. Since heat is delivered directly to the skin, many patients find this therapy painful. Additionally, treating a tiny region requires more time. Hypopigmentation, or a loss of melanin in the skin, can also be brought on by lasers. The surgery will fail if the laser doesn’t generate enough heat to close the vein, which is the most discouraging factor.


The most recent treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy. It is significantly faster and more effective than laser therapy. And you are pain-free. The doctor injects a solution or sclerosing substance into the vein during sclerotherapy. The vein scars and collapses as a result of this. The vein eventually becomes invisible due to the body’s resorption of it. The sclerosing agent sodium chloride is no longer regarded as suitable. Both the patient’s suffering and serious problems may result from it.

What causes spider veins?

Small veins on the skin’s surface provide the skin with blood. Spider veins get their name from the fact that these veins can enlarge and look like spiders. However, they frequently appear outside the thighs and calves and can develop anywhere on the body. But how can people get spider veins, and what are their reasons? Our genes control everything.

Due to a hereditary propensity, if other family members have spider veins, you are more likely to get them. Spider veins are not harmful and are primarily a cosmetic problem. However, because of this, many people choose to get treatment for them. There are a few possibilities for therapy, and frequently more than one session is required for effective treatment.


The above article discusses spider veins and their treatment, highlighting why they reappear after treatment. For more valuable facts and details, please visit veintreatmentli.com.


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