Selling your house without an agency: here are three tips

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Selling a property requires patience and a specific budget concerning the steps to be taken. If you want to save money, the best way is to sell your apartment without an agency. You will have to take the required actions to close your trade yourself. To know how to sell your house between private individuals, here are some tips:

Tip # 1: Write a clear and attractive ad.

With photos of your property, bright and tidy, to encourage visits. You can advertise your own property for sale with a detailed and accurate description of your home. Refer to the price per square meter in your neighbourhood and real estate listings similar to yours. When your ad is ready, share it on Le Bon coin, PAP, or in the local newspaper. Buy my house com au contain top listing of real estate.

Tip # 2: contact a diagnostician to produce the technical diagnostic file (DDT).

After advertise home for sale free you must remember that you have to check status of property on regular basis. Depending on the accommodation type, you will have to carry out various diagnoses: electricity, gas, etc. The DDT and the number of charges are likely to be requested by future buyers when they visit the property and inform them.

Tip # 3: Present visitors with clean, tidy accommodation.

Future buyers must easily see your property for sale and not be afraid of any work/repairs to be carried out. If you have the time and the budget, make some arrangements to sell more efficiently. Owners com real estate is website for property owner.

What steps to take to sell your house from individual to individual?

To buy property sold by owner, law requires complete documentation. Depending on its age and location, several diagnoses will have to be carried out before the sale. The potential buyers of your accommodation are entitled to claim this file from you during the visit, so it is advisable to get in touch with a diagnostician before organizing the visits. Advertise land for sale online is good way to advertise property.

To sell your property without an agency, you must also find buyers and write a sales agreement yourself. This jointly binds the seller and the buyer until the notary signs the sale. The sales agreement must include the following information:

  • The identification of the buyer and the seller;
  • The description of the property (sold rented or empty, surface area, diagnostics, etc.);
  • His price;
  • The expected date of sale;
  • The signature of the two parties

The signing of the sale agreement at the notary must occur three months after signing the sales agreement. During this final meeting, you will have to hand over the keys to your accommodation in exchange for the payment. The sale is finalized once both parties and the notary have signed the authentic deed.

If you want to sale you home, then you must know how to sell a house online by owner? Why not find out about real estate crowdfunding or real estate auctions? These new sales techniques can be a solution if you want to get rid of the intermediary of any agency!


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