How To Get Underbite Correction Without Surgery?

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If a child is suffering from underbite, early intervention could avoid surgery to fix it. A top rated orthodontist near me recommends the initial orthodontic screening by 7 years old. This appointment is to advise a parent if orthodontic treatment is required for their child.

An underbite is the projection of the bottom jaw making the lower teeth close in front of the above teeth. It can also be referred to as a class III malocclusion, according to Dental Care. such a condition requires underbite braces to fix the oral issue.

A few symptoms of an underbite include:

  • Pain in the jaw
  • More magnificent possibility of wear and tear to the enamel
  • Chance of getting cavities are higher
  • Speech problems
  • Self-conscious about looks

If you are suffering from any mentioned symptoms, consult your affordable braces for adults near me to fix underbite right away.

What are the different causes?

Underbites could be caused by;

  • genetics
  • bad chewing habits
  • a thumb-sucking habit
  • abnormalities of jaw growth in children

Correcting an underbite could rely on the seriousness of the case and the age of the child.

Underbite correction without surgery:

 An orthodontist doctor, explains a number of ways to correct an underbite, including;


Expanders are attached to the top molars and premolars using metal bands. The metal bands are connected to a metal bar that is further attached to the roof of the child’s mouth. In order to activate the device, the orthodontist makes a key hole in the middle of the mouth.

Reverse-Pull Headgear:

This device is a metal vertical bar that is attached to the pads on the forehead and chin. The pads offer great protection and comfort for the child. You can notice small rubber bands to the vertical bar and metal bands enclosing the molars.

This technique gradually lets the top jaw come in the forward direction. It offers the most effective results when are worn between the ages of 5 and 7, and this is why early intervention is important. The device requires complete cooperation from the child because it has to be worn for a minimum of 12 hours per day.

Chin Cap:

Chin cap can be attached to the reverse-pull headgear device if you have a difficult underbite. It is attached around the chin and top of the head. This will let stop any movement in the lower jaw. Patients, who are having jawbones that fused together leaving no space at all, may need surgical treatment. The treatment may vary on the basis of the severity of the underbite. Your orthodontist may recommend teeth extractions in a combination with braces, which can enhance the situation. An underbite surgery should be conducted under the supervision of an oral surgeon only. The process may include fracturing and moving the jaw.

After the treatment, you will be recommended a liquid diet as the jaw movement is fixed during the beginning healing phases. Rarely, the jaw will move back into its real position. Underbites are never left alone and won’t fix themselves over time. Therefore, it is essential to have regular dentist visits for your child so that he/she won’t have to go through any surgery and pain after the treatment.


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