Joseph Calata: A Young Successful Businessman

Joseph Calata Corp

Calata Corp

Josh Calata implemented modern methods in agriculture. He is the chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation, a family owned business. He began his career in 2001, and played a big part in applying technological advancement in the agricultural industry. He created a great method in managing the farm by applying technological advancement.

Furthermore, what he did created an ideal network with agriculture dealers and farmers. Josh Calata then started earning revenues after a few years of managing the family business. Many claimed that this young businessman had no difficulties in getting his well-polished shoes in the fields just to see the farmers. Selling was not a difficult task for him. Regardless of all the success he accomplished, this youthful entrepreneur still wished to extend his trade in all parts of the country.

Immediately, Josh Calata then was acknowledged as the top supplier of agricultural materials in the country. Bringing advancement in the operations was a very smart business strategy. He was well-informed on how advanced technology will provide a convenient way in earning high revenue to the company. To earn high profit, a well-structured method is essential.

The modern method used in the agriculture procedures made his trade very successfull. Because of the well established methods used, the corporation became one of the world’s leading company in agriculture products. To date, the company has more than 2000 employees and offers more employment. The young business tycoon now takes part in other businesses outside agriculture.

The corporation was formerly managed by his father and mother, under a different company name. The young businessman started his way through the industry as an ordinary worker. Through this method the company became well-recognized in the farming industry. Today, the company is still growing.

Moreover, the company is now the distributor of B-Meg feeds of San Miguel Corporation, Syngenta, Bayer, Sinochem, Jardine Distribution, Dupont, and Mosanto. The youthful entrepreneur aims to serve agriculture workers through the continuous development of food trade. Moreover, the young entrepreneur believes in the corporation and its employees.

Joseph Calata is the biggest distributor of agro chemical products, feeds, fertilizers and vetmeds in the Philippines. He has smart maneuvers in the agriculture sector which made him well-recognized.

- Alison Ward

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